Welcome To NYC Thai Wellness Center

NYC Thai Wellness Center was started because of a need by massage therapy professionals to have a safe place to work, in a clean, friendly environment, where they could exercise their trade. Our purpose is to create a beautiful space in New York City where clients, patients and all types of practitioners can experience a sense of health, healing and community.

We have 1560 square feet that includes 7 massage treatment rooms. Room sizes are 8′x12′ with 11′ ceilings, with or without windows, cabinets and sink. All rooms are equipped with lotions, oils, clean towels, and a massage table. A hot towel warmer is available for all. There is a waiting room available in our office, as well as a lounge for therapists waiting for clients to arrive.

What We Do

Therapeutic Services
Dedicated to undoing the effects of your day, NYC Thai Wellness Center works with each client individually to develop a custom treatment for their needs. The individuals practicing therapeutic services for Thai Wellness have extensive massage knowledge, training and are licensed by the NYSED.
Premium Massage Suites
NYC Thai Wellness Center is a massage therapist’s office suite for independent holistic therapists to practice. Conveniently located near Grand Central & Bryant Park, we promote a professional, secure environment which is clean, user friendly and hassle free. Our tranquil rooms are fully equipped including linens, liniments, oils, hot towels, independent room music controls and dimming lights thus ensuring a positive, memorable experience for therapists and their clients. With “Online Booking” available, reserving your room and preferred times couldn’t be easier!

For additional information, contact NYC Thai Wellness. We will gladly provide a personal tour of our facility and answer any questions you may have. Phone: 917 856 5165 – Email: [email protected]. You can also schedule your company’s on-site massage sessions here.

Quality Massage Products
Oils, Creams & Lotions
A selection of lotions and oils from the best brands.

Ask us about your bodywork needs and we will accommodate.

What Our Clients Say

“It took me no time at all to find a room to rent for my massage therapy practice. The place is convenient for my clients and affordable! I couldn’t be happier!”
Jo Ann, October 2013
“Rented a massage room 5 blocks from my apartment. So convenient and affordable! THANK YOU!”
Maria, October 2013
“Great rooms at a great price. Really friendly staff, love this place.”
Adam, October 2013

Who We Are

Our facility, location and dedicated members ensure a level of customer service that our clients have come to expect. NYC Thai Wellness Center takes great pride working with each client individually to develop a custom treatment and provide the appropriate therapist for their needs.

Clients seeking therapeutic services are deferred to one of our licensed members or “independent contractors” who utilize our space. These therapists have extensive massage knowledge, training and are licensed by the NYSED.

Our Rooms